10 Things About Me

I have enjoyed reading so many of yours so I thought I would do mine as well. I am afraid I am pretty normal and not that unique or inspirational, but here goes...


1.) When I was a year old, I got a rare strain of salmonella food poisoning and almost died. My parents were told I would not last the week and, through my fathers' prayers he says, I was healed over night. Who am I to argue.



2.) I love photography and sometimes take wedding photos and family portraits, though it is not my profession. I once got to fill in for a journalist friend and take photos of the President of Turkey for the Sunday Telegraph though. It was super stressful!


3.) I teach kindergarten and absolutely love kids. Hoping to have a few of my own one day soon. We are trying...


4.) I caught the travel bug in 2001 and have not stopped since. I have been to Mexico, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Czech Rep, Hungary, UK, Israel, and Turkey. I have plans to visit Ireland, France, Spain, and Hong Kong this year.


5.) I live in Istanbul, Turkey and have been here for 7 years now! It was only going to be for 1 year but I met a Turk, got married, got divorced, and am now remarried to a Brit :).


6.) I speak Turkish well and some German and Spanish.


7.) I will be moving to Rugby, England in June and am excited to start my new life there. It also happens to be where the game of rugby comes from (hence the name).


8.) My favourite job ever was working for Borders Books in university. I was always broke but I had a great library.


9.) I am a huge fan of Bollywood and would watch one over a Hollywood film any day. I LOVE Shah Rukh Khan the best. I want to go to India so badly!


10.) I love pets and have had rats, hamsters, fish, lizards, dogs, horses, birds, and cats during my life so far. I also had class pets that were snails and spiders my kids found in our garden at school. They were well fed too. Did you know snails can eat trails through a pile of paper if they escape overnight? I am currently pet-less though and hope to remedy that when I get to England.


And there are 10 things about me.