The Truth About Brave

The Truth About Brave - Karen Hood-Caddy


No one is more passionate about rescuing hurt animals than Robin, except maybe her best friend Zo-Zo, who helps Robin run the family's animal shelter, The Wild Place. When the two of them discover that a neighbour's chicken farm is really a factory farm, they both want to stop it. Zo-Zo argues that radical action is required, but Robin is worried about getting into trouble with her dad, or even worse, the local sheriff. Is it ever okay to break the law to stand up for what you believe in? And if it is, how will she find the courage to do what's right, even when others think she's wrong?



The Truth About Brave is the wonderful story of Robin and her family and friends as they go through the different trials of growing up and making a change in the world. I especially loved this cast of characters and have a special fondness for Griff, the lovable grandmother and her particularly moving speech about what being brave actually means. I was not sure about this book when I first started reading it because it tackles some pretty heavy topics: animal cruelty, mourning the death of a parent, eating disorders, talking to strangers online, and the terrifying topic of public speaking. I was hoping that the author would not treat them lightly and make them seem easy to deal with. I am so happy to report that all the topics were handled in an absolutely brilliant way. This book would be perfect for reading with your pre-teen/teen or even for schools to use in class as it brings up important things for great discussions. I will definitely go back and read the first book, Howl, and will definitely invest in these for my personal library.