The Line

The Line - J.D. Horn

I picked up this book from the Kindle First deal and it was surprisingly good. Most of the time I like a story because of the great romantic, passionate, electric chemistry between the main characters, but not this one. The love story fell a little flat (though there were some good twists). Jackson was shallow and though Peter has been Mercy's lifelong friend, it feels like there really is nothing more than friendship there. I just did not like either option and hope a different one comes along in book 2. I loved Mercy and her Liar's Tour and strong attitude in the face of her family. I also liked the Taylors though they are dysfunctional and extremely flawed. Even the secondary characters were fantastic especially Jilo (the hoo doo witch), Emmet, and all the ghosts of Savannah. I am really looking forward to the sequel and getting to spend more time learning all the Taylor family secrets. I am sure there are plenty we don't know yet.