Shadow Song (Wheeler Hardcover)

Shadow Song - Terry Kay

When I was 14 years old, my family took me to Yellowstone National Park. In one of the gift shops I picked up a copy of Shadow Song and the description on the back led me to buy it. It became my favorite book and it has never stopped mattering. At 14, I could not understand a lot of the adult topics in the book completely, but I loved the narrative, the romance lost and and found, and the friendship of a country boy from Georgia and the 'crazy' old Jewish man who heard the Shadow Song. Over the years I have read this book over and over and it takes on new meaning for me. I will always love this book, the way that Avrum loved Amelita Galli-Curci and the way Bobo loved Amy. This book is for anyone who has loved someone and thought they could never be with them. It is for people who cherish the memories of times past. It is lastly for those who love drifting off, on a sea of nostalgia, to a time when they were utterly happy and content.